Come to Lemmenjoki and spend a wonderful day as a guest with Paltto Saami family. During the day you will experience the chant of wilderness, hear astonishing traditional saami yoik, stories about reindeer herding, sámi culture and get to know the mysteries of feltmaking.

We start our journey travelling 17 km by riverboat along the beautiful river Lemmenjoki, reaching deep into the national park and to the Ravadas falls. On the way there you’ll see astonishing mountain line rising from the river canyon. At Ravadas you’ll get to see nature carved falls and hear it’s powerful sound. We’ll have delicious reindeer soup at open fire and for dessert coffee and cake. While sitting around the fire, you’ll have an opportunity to hear traditional sámi yoik and stories about reindeerherding. Finally when arriving back to Lemmenjoki, you will meet reindeers at old sámi surroundings.Visit Kaija Paltto`s Felt Art Studio Ateljee Huopapirtti ,exhipition and shop.Unique Felt Art textiles and accessories made of reindeer leather and felt are display and for sale

Programme for groups 09.-23.6. & 13.7.-22.9.2024

  • Guidance in finnish, saami or english
  • Riverboat transport
  • lunch (Reindeersoup+coffee with cake)
  • Yoik performance
  • meeting the reindeer,
  • visit Art Studio Ateljee Huopapirtti
  • lifejackets, Raincapes
  • If needed, warm overall or snowsuit for the trip( adult sizes)

4 h


85 €(min 2 persons)

45 €4-11years. children


10.30(mon ,wed, fri)

Dailytrips 10.6.–21.6. & 12.7.–20.09.2024

Please Book the trip min. a day beforehand

Book a trip to Ravadas falls


See worldfamous felt maker at work

You are welcome to visit the felt artist Kaija Paltto’s Ateljee, where you will hear about the reindeer sámi life and history in Lemmenjoki. You’ll hear also how felt has been made for thousands of years from sheep wool into many purposes. At the workshop you will see how wool fibres turn to pictures in the hands of a felt maker, describing the surrounding nature.

Presentation duration 1 hour

Program inc. Visiting at Ateljee Huopapirtti and presentation on felting and rolling technique