We are a Sámi, a reindeer herder family. In addition to accommodation, we also offer a variety of activities in Lemmenjoki National Park. Take a riverboat ride to the river valley surrounded by fells, the beautiful Ravadas Falls and deep into the gold digging area. Experience the Sámi culture and reindeer herding, hear the traditional Sámi yoik and see the reindeer. Reindeer soup with a fragrant firewood taste is an arctic experience. At the same time, visit the studio of the felt artist Kaija Palton. Ateljee The felt felt shop has a sales exhibition of felting. On request, also felting presentations and courses.

Fairly 70 kilometers long Lemmenjoki river is surrounded by Maaresta and Viipus mountains. The slopes of the Lemmenjoki rivervalley are covered by an ancient, old pine forest. We are to get just over an hour’s drive (92 km) from Ivalo airport to get to and a 30 min. drive (47 km) from the village of Inari. Marked hiking trails to Lemmenjoki National Park start 800 meters from our yard.